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Thursday, September 13, 2007

MEMO: While you were away

Dear Alex,

Just some random pics to keep you updated on the latest 'happenings' here on Cyberjaya.

Your friend,

Azlan A. Aziz

Yup, that's right. Beachboi is no longer in the loop. He somehow got his poorself shipped off to Limkokwing London and so this is the best way to keep him updated on things here @ Malaysia.

You gotta love this web log idea. So here goes in no particular order; top pics of the day:

Aw isn’t that nice….
So, these three guys are what’s left of the original Mayang Campus Domestic team.
Both David’s (TEH and HO) got themselves married away.
Kriesler (the traitor) is now happy in Taylor’s.
Saji is is some part of Europe (Yay, Saji~!).


Which is good too. The world has to be spared of terrible poser pix such as these.

Suresh took Alex’s departure pretty bad. Pictures self explanatory.

Johan was acting all mucho ‘i dun care that alex is not around. I just wanna play with my new phone and drink beer’. Poor guy, he doesn’t know that we saw through his façade.

The rest of us then drowned our selves in our work to forget that Alex is no longer with us.
This is us @ the European education fair. Suresh, Ain, my GF and me stayed up till 5 am packing infopacks for the event. Em spent most of her birthday with us trying to forget that alex wasn't around.

But most of the time we spend our time talking about phones and dumb poses with phones.

Keep us posted bro. Ill try to keep you updated with the insanity here too.



  • Amazinggggggggg, an entry after 123874564648732 million years.
    I can't even remember the password to my frigging blog and this.

    Expecting more updates from u lah, Az.

    By Blogger jimmy, at 12:54 PM  

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