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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Qui è alcune cose da pensare circa!

grazie a Bablefish ora che posso scrivere in italiano.


Top 5 thoughts for today are:
  1. One of the most emotionally driven cancer advertisement I have ever seen. Watch it. Send it out to friends. Then try and help the National Cancer Society of Malaysia [NCSM] how ever you can. Caring is a beautiful thing.
  2. As a moderate income executive I would have really liked to use our bus service to travel interstate. But this threw me off [ i wanted to link this but the staronline was down so, pick up a the star today, turn to page 24, search for the article bout 7 people injured and the bus driver dead story]. New coverage is everything, no matter how much the DJ's at hitz.dot.fm cajole me to use the bus service, I don't see it happening in the near future.
  3. Oprah is in trouble. Well I blame the whole "A million little pieces" issue on the lack of detailed research on Harpo's management before making a big hoolabaloo about the book. As a brand I think Harpo is handling it fine. Oprah's will definitely loss some followers due to this issue but if she starts making too much fuss and protecting her brand's interest then the mass will see her protecting a brand (!) not a person. Sell Oprah as a human being and the few that they lose due to incident will be replaced pretty quickly. I feel that this is the perfect opportunity for Oprah to reaffirm her position as THE person to talk to.
  4. Drunk Driving Sux. Here's a new ad campaign all bout it. [thanks to the adrant guys. you people rock!)
  1. My company is looking out for brands/companies that are looking for some really cheap media coverage. We will be organizing a Cancer Awareness & Education Roadshow in Colleges and Universities [the program benefitiary is NCSM] and the program will be launched by a VVIP in a mall somewhere in May-June [thus ensuring the media coverage].
Special note: NCSM is a tax exampted organization so any donations or sponsors made towards this program is tax deductable. for more info email me at enquiries@wizardconnexions.com.

Well I gotta get back to writting proposals, reports and timelines. I'll try to post tomoro's top 5 list...well tomoro.

Chiao d'meowz.
Azlan A. Aziz


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