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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

yay I'm gay!

Now that I have caught ur attention, no I am not homosexual. Damn brits turned this jovial and happy word to something promiscous back in the 60s. Anyways, this blog was started by 3 hunks, Az, Alex and me one hot night while we were sitting in William's mamak sipping teh ais eating nasi goreng kampung mata kerbau tambah cili padi. Thought this bloggie to be a good idea to keep in touch and hone our creativity and copywriting skills at the same time. 2 chicks with one stone! Like what both my hommies did, I will give a simple introduction to the other 2:-

Alex aka hottie aka beachboi
Alex Sin joined D305 by pure coincidence. My Chinese mistresses had to go back to China because their permits were cancelled and he got kicked out from the house after a big scuffle with his ex. So what should a kind samaritan like me do? Take him in of course! After sometime, we got to know each other better and I started buying him alcohol. Not so much to the fact that he likes to drink anyway, but its fun!

Like the time we played chor tai dee and how we made a pact that the loser needs to down a whole bottle of Korean rice wine or how we celebrated his bday in Bar Fly and Atmos last year and came home knowing that he crashed head on into the fish bowl with Harry, Larry and Moe in it (names of our goldfishies). Poor BK had to babysit the smashed Alex and take up to 9 puking sessions that night, not to mention that the car reeked of fermented alcholic tofu too.

And then, it was about hottie Alex getting to know chicks like Serene. We went out together a few times and Alex will gladly fill me in on good tips on how to get chicks so as to enhance my desperate ailing sex life (if there's any) [note: Thx Al!]

Last but not least, Alex has been a true friend. Steadfast and reliable, he is always there for you and comes in handy when you need a buddy to go drinking with. He is also the janitor of the house and makes sure that the house remains in a livable condition. Yes, in a way he's like a matron. We love Alex and I know I am being redundant, but he's so hot I can rip his clothes to shreds and lick his bod all over. *oops!* I am not gay ar *glares*

Azlan aka Prof of useless information aka war-scar-on-butt-gamer

Yes you heard about the scar. You heard about the blood and horror but lemme share the full story with you. Azlan knocked on my door 1 fine morning while I was still in Dreamland. Feeling a bit peeved, I opened the door and came face to face with a pale faced Azlan looking back. He was half naked with his left hand trying to hold the towel up, his right hand was placed on his butt. Below is a rough recollection of the conversation that occured:-

(Azlan - A, Jimmy - J)
A: Hey Jimmy I need you to send me to the hospital.
J: What happened?!
A: I cut myself.
J: Where?
A: My buttocks.

At that point, I din find it funny. I went pass the half limping Azlan and looked into the toilet. It looked absolutely horrifying. There was blood at the now shattered toilet bowl, blood on the walls, blood on the washing basin and last but not least all over the floor. I would have bought it if someone told me that a murder happened here. I ran back into my room, fetched Azlan into the hospital and also called his parents.

It was only much later when BK called me that I found the incident hillarious.
(BK - B, Jimmy - J)
B: Hey Jimmy, do you happen to know where Azlan is?
J: I am at the hospital with him now.
B: What happened?!
J: He accidently cut his ass on the toilet bowl.

That's when the laughter lasted a good 2-3 minutes, infected and with the panic passing, I laughed long and hard as well. Given the chance, I would like to take a look at Az's ass and just see for myself how well its recovering or I can ask Eve, LOL.

Aiks, I am suppose to give my 2 cents about Azlan right? Yeah. If I am suppose to use 1 word to describe Azlan, it has to be fun! He is such a darling to have around, parties, mamaking sessions or a guys night out. He makes the core of the party and has everyone rolling on all-fours with his funny and sometimes downright corny jokes. He is also my sifu when it comes to Magic: the Gathering and King of Fighters and gets to kill me in CS once in a blue moon.

He is also someone that I depend on for good cheer when I am down and and my answer to dumb questions like why an anal ring is round. Thanks for the 7 years of friendship mate!

P.S: Azlan, where is the transsexual ham dai you snatch from me in SS2 pasar malam?

Together we form D305. The core of everything and anything dirty, despicable, disgraceful and deregatory.



  • Darling?!?!? I'm a darling?

    jeezz.... maybe your title for the entry was spot on jimmy.


    Bewilderedly yours,
    Azlan A. Aziz

    By Blogger D-305, at 7:07 PM  

  • how come maggie's name got deleted from my entry?? sei alex

    By Blogger Jimbo, at 12:17 PM  

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