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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Giant Awakens


I awake from my slumber!

Hello there world. I'm finally back back with a post [my long absence could be blamed on work or the PS2 or magic the gathering or JAIS/JAWI but in the end it really doesnt matter does it?)

As you can very well see the blog has degenerated to an obscene sight of shifting blames and jumping off the handle [just like the old days eh boys?]

As with this posting I would like to bring a few matters to clear up the air.

!st thing on the agenda, The D305 blog.

Haih.... guys..... what does it matter who post the blogs, whats said on the blog and all those other nitty gritty things. It doesn't really matter if Alex wants to contradict his own postings or if jimmy would like to spend more time on his own blog or if this blogs details is poorly defined or if i misplell everyword on all my posts. Chill man and keeping it current is the goal. It's really not a competition.

If its competition that you wan, Alex stop "FFK"ing me and jimmy all the time and come over to play some PS2.

2nd matter on the agenda, The Nude Ear Squat issue.
Both me and jimmy had a looong lengthy discussion on this and have come up with similar conclusion.


3rd item on the agenda, JAWI/JAIS moral snoop team.

The definition of moral should never be set by a governing body. It will always be biased to political issues. conforming to an established acceptable notions of right and wrong should never apply pressure upon couples who feel that holding hands or hands around the partners waist should be treated more than a sign of trust and understanding between two people.

75 people in Putrajaya did not join the snoop team just to help the Malay community as the papers said, 75 people joined the team to assert authority upon other people.

Final Item,

My very best wishes to all my Chinese friends celebrating CNY.
Gong Xi Fa Cai



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