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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Re-Beginning - The Prequel, Episode I

Its been weeks if not months now that i've been waiting for Tripple A to clear his draft post off the list so i could post in some cock stories just for the sake of keeping this blog alive... Its not like nobody's trying, but there just seems to be a something amiss with the purpose of this blog.

When we first started this blog a few months back, the high spirits and enthusiastic brainstorms that the trio had about what this blog should have have been, made it worthwile for me having a contribution to it...

Sadly, after a slow start and hopeless taunts to Jimmy to get started, there was no sign of life. Azlan is still stuck in the midst of his draft post and well... i can't be blamed since im taking the initiative to post THIS ONE right now...

At least for once, my title makes sense to what im about to say. As i mentioned earlier, the problem of this blog lays in its purpose... What is the purpose of its existence? If you ask me now, i can't remember too much of what was discussed at Williams that night except for the fact that it should have been a fun thing which it isn't at the moment.

Sadly, reading my own blog over and over again and laughing at my own jokes again and again is proving to be no fun.

The Re-beginning - Episode 1, is the story of this blog.

What it was supposed to be?
What it should have been today?
What it SHOULD NOT be....
and finally... What to expect for episode II

I already know who my father is .. so forget this option.
I dont like chubaka. and i really prefer jessica alba to princess ambidalaialalaaaaa.watever.

Like my much beloved boss would say.
Common people. lets get creative and churn out this BIG IDEA....

The purpose.
3 bachelors and their take on life.
This is where you got it all wrong azlan. we're not bachelors anymore. we'd love to call ourselves bachelors still single and available but at the end of the day... we're all taken dude! Im thinking something more realistic.

Bachelors no more. Their new take on life. now that gives you a reason to bitch about your girlfriend when she stops you from playing PS 2.

D305 Today....
There seems to be growing disregard unfortunately to this blog by other members of this fellowship. we started as a team. and if one member goes its own way. it defeats the whole purpose of the fellowship. Mr. d305 Master Bedroom has for instance been actively updating his blog. sad to say, we've not seen much of him over here.

Tripple A.
Keep up the good job man. FOutnain of useless information you were born to be. Useless Information should you provide. such are the wise words of my jedi master.

Finally moving on to what this blog should not be. i declare, that D305 should in no situation be a self praising tool or propaganda tool for one to their own gfs or immediate hot gals. Hence, keep the lucy duvy messages away please... speaking of which.... its been a year already for me and serene.... on OCt 31st... 365 days. im not jinxed at least... phew... wish me luck for my wedding guuys...

and if you got quick tips on how to own a house, car, credit card, 10K job in a year or two let me know... would make things great for me....

Coming to the last part.
episode II.

much will be anticipating the sequel to the prequel, episode 1, alas... it all depends on the fellowship's survival and the return of the king...

your commments and suggestion are welcome...



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