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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Re-Beginning - The Sequel

Yar Yar Yar, im kinda making full use of the title of my first ever blog over and over again, but lets admit it. My title works. Unlike jimmy aka jimbo who has to call himself "GAY" to attract readers(he's got this phobia about people not finding him funny and interesting), i just had the ingenuity to use a good title that would work on a long run.

Imagine Jimmy using "yay Im Gay" over and over again as his title. it would only end up in people thinking that he's a deranged guy, which he isn't. OF COURSE.

Enough said. Just to intro you guys to this week's topic, The Re-Beginning - The Sequel is about my boring life and of other people that surround me.

"DUH", you might express to yourself thinking: "Isn't that essence of each and every blog?"

"Duuuude! Ur so smart!" i would shoot back at you... nah.

But let's go back to a more serious topic. I've come to the conclusion that blogs attract three types of people. Bored teenagers with an inability to make themselves noticeable, so they have their own blog, that allows them to bitch, complain, whine or cry without making too much noise, and i say "Kudos"
At least it wont disturb any of us anymore.

Then there's the intellectual ones (if thats what they think). Goodie 2 shoes, with the common human flaw of complaining too much rather than trying to solve the problem. The blog provides them with an ideal platform of free speech in a liberal cyber world, in which they can tell as much as they want fringing the borders of defamation from time to time.

And finally, there's the "Jimmy" type. Those who talk a lot about blogs, who flatter tons of bloggers, who can comment about every single blog online and tell you one by one the URLs of the top rated bloggers who talk "sex life" but who actually dont write much online themselves.

Im not a particularly wonderful writer. Azlan i would think is pretty good, but whether he copies and pastes it from some other bloggers, i wouldn't know. but the point is that at least he knows how to do it smartly u see... and it just took him someone smarter than him (like me) to find out what he's up to.

But bloggers of the "jimmy" type talk, comment and blab blab a lot. and they just dont do it. i keep on trying to find something that jimmy wrote about on this blog.. but maybe he's too shy. maybe he's too fixed on his aging computer and computer games that he never ends, or maybe he's 2 fixed on his GF(I DUN THINK SO)...

So here u go. yes. this blog was not about my life. neither was it about someone else, but just another one to take the piss out of jimmy. And along with it was for me to prove my point that u don't need a funny or degrading title to attract people's attention. U just a point. a bit of research. and something interesting to tell people.

Same applies for great advertising. A good visual doesn't need a great headline.
Big and attractive headlines do catch attention. but do they sell ur idea?
i think that as long as u've got something interesting to say and something interesting to talk about people would read.

How do u know that?

Just by checking out whats the demand in the market. basic marketing. But i don't need to tell jimmy about all this lah. he's too smart for me anyways. you degree holder....

love u 2 jimmy. muahahaha.

p.s. Just kidding ya.


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