D-305 - A[cubed], Beachboi, and the JimBo

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Its new year and im fucking broke!

Sorry about the tone but i thought the start to the new lunar year deserved a sounding like this.

Its true, im fucking broke. I got my pay on the 26 of Jan. But had to settle two months rent koz i owed my lanlord the previous month. He's such a nice uncle. And i wouldn't want to get into bad terms with him.. you know.. avoid unneccessary remarks about me not paying the rent and me answering:

"Are u sure!? im pretty sure i banked it in this month!! wait a min... i think that was last months...! oups"

not that i've done it before, but it would have sounded all the most similar. then there's the fact that he doesnt speak english... so the statement above would have had to be translated by me dear gf, into broken cantonese... broken. yes. coz my gf only speaks mandarin and teochew.

coming back to the fact that im broke... ive actually invested RM200 in a hamper this month for my future father in law (cross fingers)... out of the money that i had left. It turned out quite a good investment as i received my first pat on the back ever since i met him. I have no words to describe the feeling as he looked at me, smile, and gave me that nice pat... A moment without words to describe. It all came to me in a slow motion pace... and in my head, i could even imagine the words "Wassup son!?" coming out of his mouth...

problem is... he hardly speaks english... not to say he doensn't speak english at all, coz he does pop out occasional "eat!" , "nice!", "good!" to my admiration. alas.. my mandarin falls short of his expectations as he'd rather i stay quiet than speak mandarin and spoil the language... my moral of the story however was:

"dont expect too much!... it was just a hamper."

Other than this rather positive incident, i spent some good money on a 'nice' wallet for my gf as a gift when i went in her house to see her for ny. i thought it was new year u c.. and a new wallet would just come in handy for the new angpow packets... but once again. Great minds think alike! she not only already got her own wallet. but one that was "in trend" and left mine feeling like a million years back on the ladder of product innovation. "Urs one Not nice lah!", she said.

to me it felt like: "AHH! horrible! take this out of my sight!"

Moral of the story:
1. Do a lot of research if you wanna find a nice gift for ur gf.
2. Always hint her what you want to do. girls prefer something they chose rather than an unpleasant surprise.
3. Be careful. even if you wanna give something with your heart. its gotta be branded.
4. Flowers always work better.

Besides tha magical adventure to muar from melaka to c me gf, there was my one and only gambling session. Lost Rm20. thx to jimmy who kept on playing my cards even after i left the beach. He's planning to play again tonite, so im thinking how to FFK him again even though im staying in his house.. muhahaha.

Special thanks to him though for taking me under his care this new year once more. every year without a doubt we will be here, waking up late... going for late lunch and early dinner. the Ayam kicap! was a killer at any time man.

We spent most of our time in Cyber mastering dota all stars 6.12b AI. yes azlan. we're so far behind... but we mastered 4 insane level coms in 3 days time from the frist time playing it.

so u're next azlan.

See u all if i can survive this month with no money in my pocket. its gonna be another fatening month. with all the 1dollar nasi lemak i can afford. god protect me.....